What is My Home Worth?

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So here is the thing.  This is a great web site for finding a home on line.  You can create an account and save your favorites.  You can communicate with me or just email me at rex@otownsuperhero.com   This site and quite frankly any website CAN NOT tell you the price of your home.  What I can do is send you a book so you can learn a method to sell your home that has been proven to work in over 90 markets across the U.S.  In addition, you can commit to help a local charity of your choice.  This is a FREE book to you that would normally cost $14 to $15.  Instead of paying me for something of value I challenge you to take just $5 and donate it to a local charity, give it to a boy or girl scout, hand some money to that homeless person on the street that you normally avoid eye contact with, it's your choice but do something!

I will supply you the link in a moment.  The link will take you to a separate page where you supply your physical address to receive the Free Book 4 Charity.  No, it is not a PDF, PDFs are convenient but they are a low value commitment that most of the low information agents offer just so they can get your e-mail address so they can harass you on-line.  I will never call you or track you down.


Here is the link: http://www.absolutelyfreebook4charity.com/  


Enjoy and please pay it forward.